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Who is eligible to purchase the German Rail Pass (GRP)?

The German Rail Pass offer only applies to people with permanent residence outside Europe, Turkey and the Russian Federation. If you are European, to be eligible you must have been residing outside of Europe for a minimum of 6 months (the stamp in your passport is decisive).



Which GRP types can be purchased online?

  • - Adult
  • - Twin (2 persons travelling together)
  • - Youth (young people between 16 and 25 years of age)


Is there a minimum age to purchase a GRP online?

Yes, 16 years of age



Which GRP types can be purchased online (no. of days)?

5 or 10 day pass (consecutive)



How much does a GRP cost?

  • - Adult 5 days in 1st class 285 euros, 5 days in 2nd class 211 euros
  • - Adult 10 days in 1st class 411 euros, 10 days in 2nd class 304 euros
  • - Twin Pass 5 days in 1st class 456 euros, 5 days in 2nd class 338 euros
  • - Twin Pass 10 days in 1st class 658 euros, 10 days in 2nd class 487 euros
  • - Youth Pass 5 days in 2nd class 169 euros
  • - Youth Pass 10 days in 2nd class 244 euros


Where is the GRP valid?

All rail connections in Germany as well the stations of Basel Bad Bf (Switzerland) and Salzburg (Austria). Travel on all trains operated by DB, high-speed service (ICE) included. For the validity of your GRP on trains operated by other carriers than DB please refer to www.diebefoerderer.de The online GRP already includes the GRP Extension and entitles you to travel on the following routes outside of Germany:

  • - in Belgium on the ICE to Liège and Brussels;
  • - in Austria and Italy on the EC trains operated by DB and OeBB to Innsbruck, Bolzano/Bozen, Verona Porta Nuova, Bologna Centrale and Venezia Mestre/Venezia Santa Lucia;
  • - on the IC Bus services from Germany to Prague and from Berlin to Wroclaw, Opole, Katowice and Krakòw. You have to buy a seat reservation for all IC Bus services.


Which documents do I need to keep with me while travelling?

The German Rail Pass is a strictly personal and non-transferable document. You must always be able to present the relevant identification document, that you stated at the time of purchase, even if it has expired, and your passport, alongside your GRP in order for it to be valid.


Which payment methods are accepted?

Payment is possible with Visa, Amex or MasterCard.



How are my credit card details protected?

To protect the card holder from abuse is the " 3D Secure procedures " ( Verified by Visa / MasterCard ® SecureCode ™ ) application , provided that the card issuing institution supports 3D Secure procedures . If this is the case, the customer is automatically redirected to the website of their bank. For Verified by VISA or MasterCard SecureCode activated customers will be greeted with their self-defined personal greeting and asked to confirm the payment amount with the personal PIN on the website of the card. For non-activated customers, a one-time notification to the card-issuing bank is necessary . For questions regarding 3D Secure procedures, please contact the card-issuing bank.



How do I get my online ticket after booking?

The ticket is immediately available in pdf format for download. The link to download your ticket will be displayed after completing the booking process and also sent via e-mail. Please print out the online ticket on a full A4 page for control on the train. Please make sure when printing your ticket that the images are not suppressed, otherwise it may be invalid.



Is my ticket valid if I display it on my smartphone?

No, tickets purchased through dbregio-shop.de are only valid in printed (paper) form.



Can I see my booked tickets and change my personal data?

If you are registered and logged into the dbregio-shop.de, you can view all the entries under "My Orders". Under "Personal Data" you can always add to or change your user information.



Do I need to register in order to purchase my GRP online?

No, you can purchase your online tickets without registration. Only information immediately required for your order is needed. By registering it makes it faster to purchase your tickets in the future. Here you can purchase your online-ticket with or without registration.



How do I refund or exchange my GRP?

You cannot. There is no exchange or refund on any GRP. Therefore we strongly recommend to double-check the validity date entered before purchasing the pass.



What technical requirements must be met in order to use all features of the site?

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  • - MacOS 10.x oder höher
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